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Cosplay Army Spouses Troupe

Our group was originally formed with Army Spouses back in 2019. Today our group has grown to include Army Spouses, DA Civilians, Local Nationals, and more. We are a group who love to bring fictional characters to life and bring joy to the hearts and minds of the local community.   

We are not professional models or actors.

C.A.S.T. member participation is strictly voluntary.


COSPLAY is short for Costume Play. Simply speaking, it refers to someone dressing up and pretending to be their favorite superhero-, video game-, comic book-, movie- or any fictional character. COSPLAY´s popularity surged in the ´90s when Japanese ANIME and MANGA gained popularity in the US.

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We are always looking for New Volunteers to Cosplay with us. 


Anyone interested in participating for the fun of it.

ID card holders are preferred but not required. Depending on the event location, participants may need installation access. Cannot be listed on “No Access Roster”-  We mainly volunteer on US installations and those without an ID need to be signed on. However, not all events are on US installations.

You need to have your own costumes.  (We do have a few that can be borrowed, but sizes and characters are limited.)

A cheerful disposition and “your characters” personality are a plus!

Cosplay characters need to be kid friendly! We like to keep things G-PG Rated.  



How can I join?

Send a message using the “Contact Us” tab above, through Facebook, or Instagram- There is no fee to join!

Do I have to participate in every event?

No. Participation is strictly voluntary and not mandatory for all events-

What if I would like to participate in an event, but can not stay the full scheduled time?

It is not mandatory to stay for an entire event. Majority of members have full time jobs, families, or other priorities so we understand if someone is not available for the entire time-

Is this an officially recognized group?

No. We are not an officially recognized or affiliated group-

Does CAST accept donations?

– No, we are legally not allowed to take donations of monetary value-

We love to hand out prizes and treats during events to the kids!  If you would like us to pass out prizes and treats on your behalf, we do have an Amazon wish list or you can provide them at the events. Thank you for your understanding.  Link: https://www.amazon.de/hz/wishlist/ls/HPXXJEP48JYV?ref_=wl_share

Where can I get my own costumes?

– Many of our volunteers order their costumes online. (Amazon, Procosplay, CosplaySky Angel Secret, Etsy, and even Ebay are great places to search.) We do ask that the quality of the costumes to be good. We are not asking for the best and most expensive, but we do try to give a good quality character at events.  If you are purchasing costumes for our group and are unsure about the costume… Please check with our group leader.  COSPLAY is more than just buying a simple costume and dressing up. There is an enormous amount of time and effort in getting obtaining the right costumes-

Do I have to provide my own costumes?

Yes – Unfortunately we are unable to provide costumes for you during this time.

Do I have to have any COSPLAY experience?

– It´s nice if you do, but not required. We do highly recommend knowing your character as that is part of COSPLAY. You take on your character’s identity. We address each other as the character when in costume-

Do CAST members participate in other functions outside of garrison organized events: birthday parties, unit level functions, etc?

It depends on the event and characters requested. Also, if there are any legal constraints.

We no longer attend birthday parties. However, upon request, we might be able to send a personalized birthday note with a picture from that character.





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